Digital painting concept art depicting a ninja vs samurai scene titled Soul Samurai.

Samurai VS Ninja Concept Art

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Ahh yes, the age-old question of “Who would win in a fight: a ninja or samurai?” continues to spark raging debates. While it will require¬†a wiser person than myself to end this discussion, what I can offer is this recently completed¬†concept art. Inspired by a visit to the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam a couple years ago which had an excellent temporary exhibit on samurai. It was so good, in fact, I was compelled to buy their Samurai book that very nicely catalogues the entire exhibit. I hauled this book back to Canada and used it several times as reference for this piece depicting a ninja ambush gone horribly wrong. I also took this as an opportunity to experiment with Photoshop’s bristle brushes for the first time.

See the result below and feel free to leave a comment!

Early work-in-progress image:

Samurai published by the Wereldmusem:

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