3D tunnel scene with hundreds of round lights - work in progress.

3D Tunnel Scene – Work In Progress

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This is a 3D scene design of a pedestrian tunnel lit by hundreds of circular lights. The modelling was done in Rhinoceros and a basic render was created with the intention to do the rest of the work in Photoshop. This project might never be completed but I was pleased with the pattern of the lights and I at least wanted to share this work-in-progress image. At this stage the lighting and colour palette have been largely established and the scene is ready for details to be added. The plan was to paint in people where indicated in the model screenshot below with each box representing a person. Even though things are simple here you can still get a feel for the mood and tone of this project.

Take a look and feel free to tell us what you think!

Original render:

Screenshot of the 3D model – boxes represent the average size of a person:

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