Concept 20XX is a Vancouver-based studio offering professional digital design services primarily to the entertainment industry, including film, television and video games. Working with the direction of a given project, our goal is always to create convincing designs that bring a vision to life and offer a glimpse into unique worlds with unique stories.

Concept20XX was founded by Andrew McConnell. With a background in architecture and design and experience working in Europe and Canada, Andrew lives to create and lives to inspire!


Aesthetics, form, proportion, composition – refinement of these principles is essential to any good design. We carefully consider every detail and create concepts that fit the style of each individual project.

2D + 3D

We employ a variety of 2D and 3D techniques to design and visualize our concepts. Digital painting, photography, animation and 3D modelling are all available to produce the final product.


We design environments and this means developing everything that inhabits those environments, from props to vehicles to buildings and beyond. No matter how large or how small, we can help you realize your vision.